Vidovich Vineyards

Vidovich Family
Nancy Freire 2004-Present
18101 Montebello Road, Cupertino
(408) 738-4444 (DeAnza Properties)
Web Site
First Vintage
Current production
500-800 cases


Vidovich Vineyards was founded by the prominent real estate developer and founder of DeAnza Properties, Stephen John Vidovich. He planted 5.5 acres of vineyards - mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, though there are also a couple of rows of Zinfandel - in front of his home on Monte Bello Road, across from Ridge. The vineyards are managed by Stephen Dorcich. Some of the fruit was sold to the nearby Picchetti Winery until 2005.

The first four vintages were made at the old Fetzer facility in Redwood Valley. From 2004 onwards the wines have been made in a new estate facility.
The original plan was to concentrate mainly on wholesale sales rather than retail; consequently the wines are mainly sold to local restaurants, including Habana Cuba in San Jose and Birk's Steakhouse in Santa Clara, but are also available from Unwined (see Retailers). There is no mailing list or web site, however the family are considering plans to expand into retail sales and possibly create a tasting room.


2001 Monte Bello Road Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2001 is leaner, with more acidity and less fruit than the plush 2002. No trace of heat, despite the 14.5% ABV. More of a food wine; it would be fun to slip this into a blind Bordeaux tasting.
2002 Monte Bello Road Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a delicious fruity, chocolatey wine that is very drinkable now and is excellent value.
The winery also makes a small quantity of Zinfandel, though this is not available for purchase.


Stephen Vidovich's obituary in the San Jose Mercury News. Mr Vidovich died on Tuesday 19th June, 2007, but the family are continuing the winery in his memory.